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Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation
"Beads of Courage"

2016 Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation BikeDear Tony, On behalf of the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation and of course I want to thank you so very much for your gracious donation of the beautiful masterpiece, “Beads of Courage Bike” to help with all the services we offer to the families that come through our doors at the NCCF and the Caring Place. Knowing what you went through to make this happen and the amount of love and time you put into this is not only humbling for us but a testament to your giving heart. You are amazing!!

As you know Tony, we depend on support from generous and loving people like yourself and businesses in our community to help us provide emotional, social, financial and educational services, along with the healing arts and wellness programs offered at the Caring Place. These services have literally become lifesaving in many areas to those who have been touched by Cancer and so many other life threatening and critical illnesses. You will have such a positive impact on so many with the dollars that will come from this incredible bike. Your wonderful heart helps us do what we do with great passion and a commitment to take care of all those we can.

Thank you again Tony for who you are and all that you do. You are indeed a part of our family and we will never be able to thank you enough for your generous donation of love, time, and passion.

Most Sincerely,
Jeffery R Gordon
Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation

1972 Schwinn Stingray Pea Picker
"Vincent's 72 Pea Picker Disc"

Tony Abraham of Krates in the Attic has created a masterpiece. A 1972 completely restored Schwinn Pea Picker Disc Krate. Every inch of this bike has been reborn through Tonys Hands! The color is amazing ,the chrome is bright and thick, the bike is a 20 on the scale of 1 to 10. Tony has worked with me and my ideas for this with friendly and courteous service. Tony puts his all into his projects and enjoyed learning about my individual story of when i had this bike as a kid. I am pleased to recommend Tony of "KRATES IN THE ATTIC" for any restoral project on any type of bike! If you want perfection , he's your man. If anyone is interested in one on one contact about Tony you can contact me at VZ1737@AOL.COM.
GOD BLESS YOU TONY! You have helped me relive a part of my youth.

1972 Schwinn Stingray Orange Krate
 "CHROME10SPEED's 72 Orange Krate" 

"Krates in the Attic (Tony) not only is a master technician and restorer of Schwinn Stingray and Krates but a quality craftsman who restored and refinished many of my vintage Schwinn 10 speeds to NOS original factory condition. Tony takes the time and effort and with pride researched the factory specs for each particular project from start to finish. He will find your replacement NOS or repro part (depending on your budget and desire) or restore your original part to new. If you want to have your bicycle 'new again' as it was in yesteryear give Krates in the Attic a call. You will be pleased at the service, the quality, and the pride of this fine company."

-All the best

1965 Schwinn Stingray Deluxe

"I called Tony about 6 months ago about restoring a 1965 Schwinn Stingray. Tony told me that he had restored bikes and has a few of his own show bikes. I told Tony to go ahead and find a 1965 Stingray for me and restore it to showroom condition. I wanted a 1965. Tony kept me up to date on the progress of the bike nearly every step of the way sending me emails of the bike at different stages. I got the finished Stingray for Tony and the only thing I can say is WOW !!!!!!!! I have never seen a nicer bike in my life. You can tell that Tony puts his heart and soul into restoring the bikes. Everything on this bike looks like new! The paint shines like the Lime should and everything is done 1st. class. If you need a show bike and want it done by one of the best, Tony is your guy. Thanks Tony for making one of my childhood dreams to come true by having a new 1965 Stingray. Tony you’re the best!!!! Thanks."

July 17th, 2007
Gary Beck
Oceanside, California

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